CNC Water Jet Services in Placentia, CA

3-4 Axis CNC MIlling

CNC Milling from simple to complex parts. Drilling, Tapping, Threading, Threadmilling, Surfacing, Boring, Reaming, Profiling, Grooving.

CNC Lathe

20" Diam by 45" Long Turning, Facing ,Boring, Grooving,

Threading, Chamfer, Drilling, Reaming.

Deep hole drilling up to 30 inches, Deep tapping up to 15 inches.

CNC WaterJet

Common materials we cut are Fiberglass sheet, Window Glass, Sheet metal, Foam, Wood, Plastic

Edm Hole Burning

A tub that uses CNC water jet services in Placentia, CA

Don't scrap your part out because of a broken tap or drill. We can safely remove it and save you the effort.

Ultrasonic machining

Materials above 60rc, tight tolerance, and brittle materials are no problem for ultrasonic tooling. Ceramic, Glass, Quartz, and Carbide are commonly machined.

Tig & Mig welding

Welding Carbon steel, Stainless steel , Aluminum, Brazing  services available.