Equipment list

John Ford CNC Lathe 

50 hp spindle

20" max diam turning

50" Max Part length

Deep hole drilling up to 30"

Deep hole tapping up to 15"


4 Axis simultaneous 

Rigid Tapping

3D Surfacing

Large part machining 

Deep Hole drilling up to 12"

X45"x Y24"x Z25"

FLOW Bengal Waterjet

50k psi water jet 

max cutting thickness 3"

Material cut - steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, ceramic, granite

X40"x Y20" x Z4" Part size

EDM Sinker - Hole burning


This machine can burn hole and specific shapes into hard materials, extract broken drills, taps, bolts, spark plugs. 

We also repair threads , ez locks , thread inserts , ect....